April is an awesome time to get back on top of your vehicle maintenance. A thorough car wash and detail service will remove all residues of road salt, brine, and other cold-weather road applications. However, there's far more Arlington, VA, drivers should do to get their cars, trucks, or SUVs ready for the challenges of the spring and summer seasons. Following are several important April car care services to schedule at Fitzgerald Hyundai in Rockville.

Have Your Oil and Oil Filter Changed

Our service team services all Hyundai models from all manufacturer years. We're also capable of handling vehicles from many other popular brands. When you get your oil and oil filter changed at our station near Washington DC, we'll choose the perfect oil viscosity and filter type for your auto, driving style, and the coming season. Best of all, these services get recorded on your car's vehicle history report to create a solid record of diligent maintenance.

Schedule a Battery Health Test

Harsh winter temperatures take a considerable toll on automotive batteries. Wet, moist air can also have a negative impact on battery cables and posts. When we perform your battery health test near Baltimore, we'll check all connections for corrosion and measure your battery's charge. If you need to have your battery or any related components replaced, we'll choose and install them according to manufacturer specifications.

Have Your Wiper Blades Replaced

Be sure to switch your winter wiper blades over to a more season-appropriate option. This way, when the weather in Alexandria, VA, is at its worst, you'll still be able to see clearly. We have an expansive selection of top-rated auto accessories for our clients.

Get Your Brakes and Tires Serviced

If you haven't swapped out your winter tires, now is the time to do so. Come see us have your treads checked, your tires changed over, or to have other tire maintenance performed. While you're here, we'll check your brake pads and brake fluid and ensure that your entire braking system is in excellent condition.

Stay on Top of Manufacturer-Recommended Tune-up Services

If your vehicle needs a full tune-up, we've got you covered. With warmer weather on the horizon, heat-related expansion and contraction can wreak havoc on worn belts and hoses. See us in Rockville today for fast, reliable, and friendly April car care.

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