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How to get top value for your trade (in 15 minutes!)

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  1. Bring your vehicle and title to meet with a sales associate to prepare the appraisal. We include you when going over your vehicle in detail to confirm all equipment and conditions.
  2. The appraiser will research three separate market valuations to achieve the maximum value for your vehicle.
  3. Get a written Offer to Purchase. Trade your vehicle and save on your State Sales Tax on a new or used vehicle.

We will purchase your vehicle, whether you are buying from us or not!

For the convenience of our customers, we provide you with these links to get an idea of a value for your trade. The final determination is done in person with an experienced appraiser at one of our dealerships. Doing so will save you even more time.

You will benefit more by trading your vehicle than a donating your vehicle or selling it because of the tax savings and convenience that comes with trading your vehicle!

These services are not affiliated with any dealer, manufacturer, or website provider. The quotes given are best used as a "guideline only" for purposes of evaluating your vehicle. We invite you to visit one of our dealerships for an on-site review of your vehicle along with our offer-to-purchase.

Come in to any FitzMall location for a free, no obligation and written appraisal. We will evaluate your vehicle and make an offer on the spot. The offer will be good for 7 days or 300 miles.

Find Out the Value of Your Trade Before You Ever Step Foot on Our Dealership

When you're preparing to buy your next car, your current one might be one of the most valuable resources you have at your disposal. For many Washington, DC and Baltimore-area drivers, however, the prospect of trading comes with a big question. "How much will I get for my car?"

At Fitzgerald Hyundai, we aim to make the answers easy. We offer an online trade-value form that can provide an estimate of your vehicle's current worth.

How Does the Process Work?

If you're interested in an online trade estimate, all you need to do is fill out the online form waiting at our dealership. With essential details like its year, brand, and model, our database can assemble an estimate that can give you a loose insight into your car's potential trade value.

And if you're looking for something a bit more accurate? Consider bringing your car to our dealership's doorstep. Our expert staff can inspect your car and provide appraisal services. This can lead to a more accurate offer than what our online system might provide. More importantly, we can assemble and Offer to Purchase and turn your estimate into an actual deal.

Contact Our Dealership and Get the Ball Rolling

Are you interested in learning more about trading your vehicle? Get in touch with our finance team and let us know. We can answer any questions you have and tell you more about the trade and appraisal process. Don't hesitate to reach out. We're always happy for the chance to chat with our customers in Atlington and Alexandria, VA.